Membership is open to all Anambra indigenes living in and around Turkey. There are two categories of membership.

(a) Financial member:   

He or she shall be self–dependent and able to fulfil all financial obligation of the association.

(b) Non-financial member:

(i) He or she shall be self-dependent but cannot afford the financial commitments of the association and thereby not entitled to the benefits of the association. 
(ii) Dependent member who cannot afford the financial commitments of the association and consequently cannot claim the benefits of the said association.
NB: dependent member is one that falls under the following categories:
(a) Apprentice.
(b) Student, i.e. shall regularly present the necessary documents as required by the association to confirm that he or she is or is still a student.
(c) And any other category the association may deem fit.

(a) An intending member shall register with the sum of 50TL.

(b) Transferred members:  Anybody  from other Anambra association in other countries shall  present a letter of clearance signed by the chairman  and secretary of his former  association  and thereby  exempted from  paying  the registration fee and other requirements.

(c) Late registration: any person who has been overdue for registration shall pay all monies concerning dues and outings etc. from one year of his or her arrival in Turkey on the day of his or her registration. For example: if a self-dependent person arrived in January 2010 and fail to register till February 2011, he or she shall pay all dues, etc. from January 2010 to the date of registration. But if he or she registers before the expiration of January 2011, it shall not be deemed late registration. For old anambrarians here, the grace is six (6) months, while the  new or fresh ones has one (1) year grace after which it shall be deemed late registration.